Gods And Humans

This is a design document for a RPG style board game

The story takes place around 500 B.C in a place called Agartha, a city famous for its Gods and warriors. As per the great prophecy it was said that an Army of undead will rise to destroy the entire city and the only way to stop this was by defeating the God of the Undead  ‘Dahaka’  (Antagonist). The People of Agartha trained everyday to face the great battle. 

Finally the day comes and the great battle takes place. Dylan father of Osaris (Protagonist, 12 year old boy) and the commander of the Army leaves his son in a temple along with his wife Athena and heads to the battle.

The Great battle went on for 7 days and finally they were able to defeat the undead but it came at a great price, most of the army was wiped out including Dylan, Agartha was up in flames and only few survivors were left and  they knew this was not over until Dahaka was defeated and he will be back again.

During the last day of the battle a large army of undead broke into the temple, Athena hides Osaris inside a trunk, before leaving him Athena places a medallion in his hands and whispers “There is more to you than meets the eye” and heads to defend him and few minutes after she leaves, Osaris sees a bright beam of light entering through the holes and cracks of the trunk and he hears a loud explosion. He gets out of the trunk to check on his mother, the temple was filled with ashes of the undead soldiers and his Mother’s body was lying on the floor. He ran towards her and finds out that she had stopped breathing.
Osaris loses both of his parents and was eventually raised by the remaining survivors.

As a decade passed the Agartha was back on its feet and everything was back to normal but the fear of Dahaka was still looming over their head. Osaris turned out to be one of the greatest warrior. 
Once when Osaris was out exploring Agartha he saw an old ruined temple and decided to explore it, when he stepped inside the temple and started walking towards the broken idol his medallion started to shine and a focused beam of light comes out from the eye of the Medallion and starts projecting the images of a place which was familiar to Osaris and the place was “Orthrus” a Graveyard of Monsters.
Osaris decided to visit it and heads towards Orthurs, he crosses the Valley of Bones  and finally he finds the cave.

As he enters the cave he sees a pair of bright eyes, as he gets closer he sees a big monster and suddenly an army of undead attacks him but he easily defeats them with his weapon “scylla” a double sided axe attached to a chain, as he rushes towards the monster, a beam of light from its eyes  hits his medallion and he vanishes.

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After regaining consciousness he finds out that his Scylla was missing and his medallion was gone. One of his medallion piece was on the floor a little far from him, as he heads towards it an undead soldier appears out of nowhere and attacks him, Osaris defends himself and crushes the soldier’s skull with his bare hands.

Soon he realizes that he is in a mystical place, it looked like a huge dark cave where the floors consisted  of big blocks and stepping on each block has its own consequences.  At the far end he could see 4 portal like structures with symbols on them and a big symbol shining brightly above him resembling to one of the four symbols. 
Now Osaris has to travel through all the 4 places to find all the pieces of his medallion.


After fighting through the army of undead and surviving the dangerous environment he finally collects all the 4 pieces and puts it back together and as he wears the medallion he gets teleported back to another place.

[ LEVEL 2 ]

But now the place was filled with the undead army and the monster was missing but he finds his weapon scylla!  Osaris slaughters everyone in his path as his scylla slices through the bones of the undead and he finally makes his way to the bottom of the cave where he finds a Huge doors made of black stone. He tries to destroy it using his scylla but he barely manages to make a scratch. He observes a long structure on his right side near the door, as he approached it, he saw it had a medallion shaped hole on the top. He places his medallion in the hole and a women emerges out in the form of light on top the structure.
When he asks her who she was, he finds out that it was “Oracle” the Goddess of Wisdom!

During their conversation he finds out that the monster that attacked him was none other than Dahaka, he was the one who bought the dead back to life. The God of wisdom reveals that, Osaris is not a human but a God! and he was destined to be the God of the underworld.
when he asks how a normal human can become a God, he finds out that his mother Athena was a Goddess and she was the sister of Oracle!

It was written in the prophecy that a Demi God will defeat Dahaka and take over his throne to become the king of the underworld. Hence Dahaka was afraid of Osaris and that is why he attacked Osaris when he saw him and escaped from the cave through that gaint black door. Behind the door lies Orcus the land of Gaints. Oracle places her hand on the scylla and it starts to vibrate and glow. Osaris starts spinning scylla and smashes it on the door and breaks it open.

Osaris sets foot on Orcus along with Oracle on his side and they continue their journey to defeat Dahaka.