This design documents main focus is on the character definition and style.

It is set in the fictional cities of the Wild West in 1920’s. There are two major places in the game they are Brokenhallow and Dust stone. This is an open world third person shooter where player can travel using horse, walking or there are train stations connecting between places which can be used to travel.

Game starts with a cut-scene where 4 guys are sitting in a bar smoking and drinking, they are Johnny Cash (Protagonist), Tuco, Chet and Bradshaw, they are all low key bandits who wanted to become big. Tuco comes up with a line “I got us a Job” and we could see them discussing about robbing a bank, they come up with a plan and decide to do it after a week.

In the next cut-scene we could see 4 guys approaching bank wearing masks. they get down from the horse and the camera starts following behind Johnny and the gameplay begins.

They go inside the bank, Chet shoots in the air and shouts “Lets get this party started” Chet and Brad tie up the hostages and keep an eye on them.
Tuco and Johnny start loading up the cash and they get out the bank and back to their horses, it was a clean job.

All of them head towards the barn where they decide to lay low for a while, we can see the 4 horses running towards barn.
Tuco and Chet start to slowdown and get behind Johnny and Bradshaw and they shoot them in the back and flee with the money leaving them in the middle of the desert.
After few minutes the two are found by police, they take them to the hospital, Johnny survives but Bradshaw succumbs to his injuries. Johnny was convicted and sentenced to serve for 12 years.

After serving 12 years Johnny heads back to Brokenhallow, he is guided into having conversation with strangers. He gets to know that Tuco was now head of a notorious gang called Living Cross. It wasn’t easy to get to him, Johnny needed help hence he decides to visit Dust Stone.
He goes to Dust Stone to pay a visit to Little Jack and Big Chains. they were little brothers of Bradshaw and they were hungry for revenge. Little Jack was very friendly and funny guy but he was well known for his craziness, Big Chains didn’t talk much, he was all about work no BS. They worked as bounty hunters and were pro shooters and they had their own little gang.
They decide to team up and come up with a plan to take out Tuco.

An [Instruction] screen pops up showing Tuco in the middle and 4 of his lieutenant surrounding him, it says that they have to take out all of his lieutenants to reach him.  

Johnny, Little Jack and Big Chains start taking out Tuco lieutenants one by one and capture their outpost, after capturing outpost they get two option, they can either kill the lieutenant or spare him, if they spare him few people will be added to his gang along with the lieutenant but if they kill him they get resources from the outpost which can be used to upgrade character

[Stage 2]
After taking out all his lieutenants it was time to take out Tuco’s Right hand man Chet.

Chains and other gang members were in front of the Chet’s Outpost, Little Jack and Johnny were coming from the back, Chains and the gang members start firing on the outpost to create diversion, now Little J and Johnny have to stealthily approach Outpost from the back.

Johnny can use throwing knives or crossbow to take out enemies from long distance or stealthily approach them from back and take them out using melee attack,

They clear their way to back door of Chet’s outpost and Little Jack busts open the door by kicking it, there were 5 guys inside, the game goes into Adrenaline Mode [slow motion] where LJ takes out 2 guys and Johnny the remaining and suddenly a bullets hits Little Jack in the shoulder, it was Chet hiding behind a table.

[Adrenaline Mode]
3 guys including Chet, Johnny has 5 seconds to take them out or he gets killed.

After killing Chet, Johnny drags Little Jack outside and starts patching him up. A group of people on horse passes by shooting at them and when Johnny aims to shoot back he sees Tuco. Tuco was in the Outpost when they attacked but Johnny couldn’t leave Little Jack and follow him.

Tuco decides to end this once and for all and he sends a message to Johnny for a face off in a duel at the barn where Johnny was shot 12 years ago. Johnny knew Tuco was not stupid enough to challenge him in a duel, he knew it was gonna be an ambush, he agrees to it as Big Chains assures him that he had his back.
Johnny heads to the barn alone, he could see Tuco standing on the balcony of the barn leaning on a big wooden box.

As Johnny approaches the barn firing starts, Tuco’s people were hiding in the hay stack and they ambush Johnny, but Johnny starts dropping Tuco’s men one by one with his revolver Romeo and Juliet.

Johnny makes his way towards the barn and takes cover  and starts shooting at Tuco. Tuco runs inside, more men come out of the barn and start shooting at Johnny. One of Tuco’s men gets on the balcony and opens up the big wooden box, it’s a hand cranked Mini Gun! He starts to rain bullets on Johnny, Johnny is pinned down and not able to move. Johnny starts to blind fire, he moves from cover to cover and gets out of Gunner’s site. He tries to ambush him from around but there were too many men. 

He hears a loud shot from a distance which takes out the Mini Gunner, it was Big Chains and he was with the gang, they start shooting back at Tuco’s men, Big C hands the Sniper rifle to Johnny and Johnny drops Tuco’s men one by one. Johnny’s gang start pushing towards the barn and suddenly Johnny had the upper hand with his gang on his back. 

[Stage 4]

After few minutes Tuco realizes he was going to lose, hence he and few of his henchmen leave from the back door on their Horses.
Big Chains sees this, he and Johnny hop on to their horses start chasing them, Big Chains hands Johnny his new automatic gun The saw , it had a huge magazine and it was the mother of all the guns.
Johnny starts to takeout Tuco’s henchmen during the chase but Tuco was far from them. After few minutes of shooting Johnny and Big C fail to kill Tuco, he successfully reaches his Mansion. Tuco had his backup there and again he had the upper hand, there were only Johnny and Big C and few gang menber but the Mansion was full of Tuco’s men. 


On the opposite side of the warehouse Johnny spots a big Gasoline tanker speeding up towards the warehouse and a man was standing on top of the Tanker, On the Top! and no one controlling it, they could see a stick of dynamite in the hand of the guy on Tanker. He lights it up, sticks it to the tanker and jumps off. The tanker was filled with Gasoline, it rams into the warehouse and explodes.

The warehouse was up in flames, Tuco’s thugs were on fire and they start running away from the warehouse, Johnny and Big Chains start to shoot them as a sign of mercy and take out the remaining men and get inside warehouse from the front door.

Tuco fell from the balcony he was burnt badly, he tries to get up to reach his gun but Johnny puts two bullet in his legs, he falls down but still tries to crawl towards his gun, Chains shoots his hand and Tuco’s finger gets cut off. Tuco starts crawling away from Johnny and through the smoke he see someone walking towards him
and even Johnny was curious to see who he was. As he gets closer he gets to know that it was Little Jack!

Little Jack starts laughing at Johnny and Big Chains and says “I knew your back up plan needed a backup”. 
All the three stand in front of Tuco and they aim their guns at him, Little Jack says “Good night Mr.Tuco” and the three fire their guns Boom..!!